A Furry Sendoff

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, why is Gloman packing his suitcase? Didn’t he just unpack it?

KATIE:  No, Waffles. He’s been here a whole week already. Don’t worry, he’ll be back for a vacation in just a couple of weeks. 
WAFFLES:  A couple of WEEKS??? But that’s like a gazillion years in lap time.

KATIE:  You know, Glogirly has a lap too. Not that I’d ever sit on it. 

WAFFLES:  Yeah, but I like Gloman’s lap. 

About Today’s Photos
We gave Gloman a furry sendoff this morning. Goodbyes are much easier though when we know another visit is just around the corner. Waffles spent every moment possible curled up on his lap. And Katie tipped over for tummy rubs more times than we can count. They definitely love their Gloman.
Today’s photos are a fun experiment for us. Gloman arrived bearing gifts for everyone, including Glogirly. She’s been playing with a new lens he picked out for her. It’s a wide angle 18-35mm zoom. She’s been wanting something wide to shoot some of the cool weather and landscapes we’ve been seeing outside our windows. But of course, she first had to photograph the real stars of the mountains. 
The wider lens still allows her to get really close, but it does a fun job of including more of the background, like in the last photo of Katie. Good thing that background is slightly out of focus though because someone was too lazy to make the bed. Ok, someone is too lazy to make the bed most days.