In the Kitchen With Waffles & Katie

WAFFLES:  Mmmmm, chicken.
KATIE:  With a cilantro and lime marinade, Waffles. Pretty sure you take your chicken sans marinade.

WAFFLES:  Mary who? What’s she got to do with my chicken? I never said she could have any–
KATIE:  Marinade, Waffles. Glogirly’s trying a new recipe she found online for her dinner tonight. The marinade is what she’s soaking the chicken in. 
WAFFLES:  Well I hope it doesn’t drown. I don’t think chicken can swim you know. 
KATIE: And I think you better get off the kitchen counter pronto, Waffles. Before Glogirly turns around and sees you hiding behind her computer.
WAFFLES:  So what else is in the recipe? Gravy??? I like gravy.
KATIE:  A strawberry tomato salsa, Waffles. With jalapenos, lime and cilantro.
WAFFLES:  Aaaack! What’s with all the lime and cilantro stuff??? I liked it better when Glogirly got her chicken from the colonel.
About Today’s Photos
Glogirly’s been trying to learn a couple of new recipes each week. There are winners and losers, but so far she’s been faring pretty well. Only about 1 loser for every 4 good recipes. We’re not sure though if that includes the recipe where she opens a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and combines it with a spoon. 
Tonight’s dinner really had Waffles’ attention. As soon as she opened the chicken, he was right there on his kitchen stool. But after the chicken had a chance to marinade for a half hour, he wasn’t so sure about it anymore. 
The recipe is called Cilantro Lime Chicken with Strawberry Salsa. Since Glogirly loves anything with strawberries, she decided to give it a whirl. The marinade is very simple – just a little lime, lime zest, olive oil, honey and cilantro. 
The salsa was equally easy with chopped strawberries, campari tomatos, jalapeno, lime and cilantro. 
The Verdict?
Glogirly thought the chicken was tasty. Kind of citrusy. Needed some salt and fresh cracked pepper. The strawberry salsa was VERY yummy. It was even good on tortilla chips. The combination of the chicken and salsa needed a little something-something though, so she tossed some feta cheese crumbles on top and that was the ticket. Well, that was her ticket.
Katie and Waffles were just happy they didn’t have to wait for Glogirly’s recipe experimentation to conclude before they got their dinner. 
P.S. About That Kitchen Towel
As a matter of fact, yes…that is Katie’s likeness on the kitchen towel in the salsa photo! A dear friend made it for Glogirly as a gift using one of Katie’s pictures. There’s one with Waffles on it too.