Office Cats

WAFFLES:  This office assistant stuff is making me sleepy.

KATIE:  Well then perhaps you should go get me a snack.
KATIE:  Waffles? Waffles!
WAFFLES:  I’m kind of busy, Boss. I’m supposed to be office assisting, you know.
KATIE:   Whatever, Waffles.
WAFFLES:  Thanks, Boss. I’ll take a snack too. You know, will you’re up.
KATIE:  You’re not going to steal my spot, are you, Waffles?

About Today’s Photos
It’s been unseasonably cool here in the mountains. Fifties and sixties cool. Since the office is the warmest room in the house, that’s where everyone was hanging out today.

Waffles’ spot is the blue chair by the window. It’s got a nice view of the hummingbirds, not that he can see anything with his eyes glued shut.

Katie’s spot is on the sofa, curled up in her gushy blanket.

But the moment she gets up, even for a second, it always becomes Waffles’ spot.