Cute cats come out to play as traditional Japanese geta sandals

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Three gorgeous kittens are waiting to dress up your summer outfits.

There’s nothing quite like looking at the pleasing shape of a relaxed cat to help lower your blood pressure, calm your nerves and make you feel all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings.

Now you can enjoy the experience everywhere you go, with a new range of cat-shaped sandals to slip onto your feet.

Called the “Nyarageta”, which is a play on the words “Nya” (meow), Nara (the Japanese city where they’re made) and geta (traditional wooden Japanese sandals), these adorable new designs are a purr-fect alternative to the more ordinary-looking geta usually worn by women in yukata summer kimono.

Made in Japan by Narageta, a footwear maker with a huge range of traditional designs for men, women and children, the cat-shaped collection currently contains three different kittens.

▼ Toraneko/Tabby cat

▼ Mikeneko/Tortoiseshell cat

▼ Kuroneko/Black cat

Despite being released only recently, the unusual footwear has already become popular with feline-loving fashionistas, who show that the sandals don’t have to be worn with yukata; they look just as great when paired with jeans or skirts too.

▼ The Nyarageta are also a great way to top off a Kemono Friends cosplay outfit!

Rather than using traditional wood, which can be a hard ride on the feet, Narageta uses EVA, a lightweight, shock-absorbing material, in their soles to provide comfort for the wearer.

The cat-shaped sandals look set to become even more popular now that they’re being made available by novelty goods manufacturer Village Vanguard. The shoes can be purchased from their online store, where they retail for 3,780 yen (US$34) each, with deliveries scheduled for the end of June.

And if you’re looking for the perfect summer kimono to match your cat-shaped sandals, this cat yukata might be just what you’ve been searching for.

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Japanese company creates scratch and sniff cards that smell like the bellies of cats and dogs

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Hours of testing went into replicating the unusual scent.

For years, Japanese retailer Felissimo has been giving us weird and wonderful cat-themed products we could never even dream of, including hand cream that smells like a cat’s paw, lip gloss that makes you feel like you’ve just kissed a cat’s nose, and fabric water filled with the fragrance of fluffy cat foreheads.

Now the creative team at Felissimo is continuing on their plight to capture the scent of an animal with a brand new item from their humorous You+More brand, which features the smell of a pet’s belly.

▼ Hours of testing went into creating the unique fragrance.

The two animals appearing in the range are cats and Shiba Inu, a breed of dog the company is known for having a soft spot for. The smell of the popular pets will be delighting the olfactory senses of animal lovers by way of scratch and sniff technology, with the special fragrance embedded in small sheets of note paper.

Each palm-sized note card comes with an image of a cute cat or dog happily exposing their bellies for a good belly rub. Rubbing their stomachs will release the special “belly scent”, which gradually decreases in intensity over time.

In order to help create the perfect scent, the company surveyed pet owners on social media, asking them what they thought the bellies smelled like. For cats, responses included “burnt caramel popcorn”, “freshly made pancakes covered in maple syrup” and “burnt milk”. Taking these responses into account, the company president then worked in collaboration with a fragrance manufacturer to fine-tune the scent, resulting in the final aroma, which resembles a mix of pancakes and burnt butter.

The survey for the Shiba Inu aroma received a more poetic response from those surveyed, with responses likening the dog’s belly to the scent of “broad beans and grass growing in the sun”, “a sweet smell that can’t be put into words”, and “slightly overdone toast”. The final fragrance is said to be similar to the moreish aroma of roasted beans.

Each variety comes in a pack of seven sheets for 432 yen (US$3.90). While they’re perfect to play with on your own, you can also write small notes on the papers, to create a unique gift for friends.

The papers can currently be ordered from the Felissimo website, with local deliveries scheduled for mid-August to mid-September. The scratch and sniff sheets will also be appearing on the company’s international website shortly, so you can enjoy the smell of an animal’s belly wherever you are in the world.

To sweeten the deal, and send an actual belly rub to cats and dogs in need, a portion of the sales price goes to the Felissimo cat fund, which works to care for animals without owners and provide assistance to foster pet programs.

Source, images: PR Times

Japanese company releases cute cat paw hand masks and foot covers to support your beauty time

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Turn yourself into a kitten with these creative accessories.

Japanese company Felissimo is never short of ideas when it comes to creating new cat-themed products that everybody everywhere wants to get their hands on. Now they’re combining the playful world of felines and human beauty time, with two new gorgeous products designed for comfort as well as function.

The first new release is the “Who is it? Cool Paws Eye Mask“, which makes it look as if a giant cat has come up to you from behind and covered your eyes with its paws, waiting for you to guess who it is.

The soft eye mask is designed to be as therapeutic as it is cute, with openings on either side allowing you to slip in some cooling pads to relieve tired eyes.

Felissimo has once again excelled in the details, with two dainty cat paw pads hiding out on the underside of the mask to rest upon your eyes.

There are three designs in the range, with a different one being released each month. The eye masks are available to purchase at the Felissimo online store for 1,056 yen (US$9.60) each.

Next up in the beauty-time pampering collection is a range of adorable foot covers, which comfortably separate your toes while making you feel like you’ve grown dainty cat paws on the tips of your feet.

These foot covers are functional too, allowing you to pamper yourself with a pedicure with the simplest of ease.

On the underside of each foot cover is a plump paw pad, which can be felt underfoot as you walk around, heightening the feline-like feeling.

The fluffy foot covers come in six designs, with a different one released each month. These are also available at their online store for 1,056 yen each.

Unlike a lot of Japanese companies, Felissimo ships their products overseas, so if you’re living abroad, check out their international website for more details. As always, a portion of the sale price goes to the Felissimo cat fund, which works to care for animals without owners and provide assistance to foster pet programs, so while you’re pampering yourself and dressing up like a kitten, you can rest assured that you’re actually helping cats in need too.

Source, images: Felissimo

Breasts and cats: Japanese photo book combines two of the world’s most favourite things

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Looking at round breasts and furry felines is said to generate maximum feelings of pleasure.

Beautiful women have been capturing everyone’s attention on the Internet for years now, but if there’s one thing that can draw our eyes away from them for a moment, it’s the feline species.

Their immense popularity has now inspired a photo book in Japan that lets us rest our gaze on both cats and cleavage at the same time.

The 96-page B5-sized book is called “Painyan“, which is a play on the Japanese words for breasts (oppai) and the meow of a cat (nyan). According to the tagline, “Men lose control in front of breasts, but cats keep their composure“.

This theme of cats being oblivious to the powers of a woman’s breast, unlike their human overlords, can be seen throughout the photo collection.

The relaxed demeanour of these kitties, combined with the soft curves of a woman’s body they can be seen cuddling up to, is said to provide the ultimate therapeutic experience.

The unusual concept was devised by cat-loving photographer Yuki Aoyama, who’s no stranger to grabbing attention with his photo collections. Aoyama is most well-known for his ‘Schoolgirl Complex’ series, which captures pictures of uniformed girls in Japan and Taiwan, taken from the perspective of a teenage boy.

This latest collection of works from the photographer concentrates solely on cats and breasts, and in some of the pictures, the cats are so beguiling they steal the show.

The Painyan photo book went on sale on 31 May and can be purchased from Amazon Japan for 1,404 yen (US$12.77).

To see more work from the photographer, check out his website or take a look here for a peek at his hilarious Flying Has Changed My Life – Solaryman photo book, which shows salarymen “flying” on the streets of Japan.

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